• Image of GENOCIDE Nippon - Eternal Evil Spirit 3LP luxury hardcover book  (Regular version)

First I'm here to apologize again for this delay. We never give up, instead, we spent much more time and energy on Genocide Nippon during the COVID time.
Finally we made this release better than our initial expectation because Genocide really rewards.

Genocide is one of the pioneers of Japanese Satan Metal and is also known as the oldest Doom Metal in Japan.
Their elaborate and fantastic expressions are very similar to Mercyful Fate.
They also have their own features such unique spastic singing cavities are impressive and unique riffs.

This release includes 3LP:
LP 1: The Ritual Days
LP 2: Black Sanctuary
LP 3: nlo-Destroy - Doomsday

Die-Hard version: https://polywaterpro.bigcartel.com/product/genocide-nippon-eternal-evil-spirit-3lp-luxury-hardcover-book-diehard-version

In order to keep the high quality on vinyl press, we always finished LP pressing in Germany.
Regular version includes a hardcover book, a 16 pages lyric booklet with intervew in English / Japanese and a band lineup list in past, etc, a ukiyo woven patch and a custom PVC bag. Limited in 100 copies with handwritten.
Die-Hard version contains 3 TEST PREESING, a special wooden box, all stuff in regular version and an extra DVD containing rare live videos. Limited in 20 copies with handwritten. Now only 5 copies left!

In deference to Genocide, we completed an intensive interview involving contemporary background, band's activities and attidudes to show their styles and features in 40 Genocide years.
Genocide website: https://www.geno666.com/

Thank you all for patient waiting and supports!