• Image of Pre-orders: MBR004*GENOCIDE Nippon—不滅邪霊 ジェノサイド 3LP BOXSET

When talking about the pioneers of Satanic metal in Japan, one's thoughts first turn to Sabbrabells and Crowley.
However, there was another band that once kept up with them in the era of the rising storm. At that time, music magazines dubbed them one the three great Satanic metal bands in Japan . This is Japan's oldest doom metal band, Genocide Nippon.

This distinctive band did not win right from the starting line. Instead, they have been quietly ploughing through the underground for decades. This also means that they have not been eroded by business or ever been swayed by fashion. They have always maintained a professional demeanour throughout their career. It's easy to find the early Mercyful Fate influence in their music. High falsetto singing with the subversion and madness of King Diamond combined with the excellent cultural melody reveals the dark mystery of Japanese style. They are truly eclectic and unique. It can be said for sure that this is definitely one of the hidden gem bands in Japan. Over the past 40 years, they have distributed demos, full-lengths, compilations,etc. MBR has watched them for many years, and finally have the chance to release their complete collection. It is our pleasure to bring this to you now.

We have organized it into a 3lp boxset.

LP 1: The Ritual Days
LP 2: Black Sanctuary
LP 3: nlo-Destroy - Doomsday

MBR has always been dedicated to upholding the highest quality, and this time is no different.

Made in Germany
Regular version is divided into three different colors of vinyls.
Three 350g art paper cover
Comes in a high quality hard box
Global limit 200 (handwritten number 1-200)
The diehard version was extended to three TEST PRESSING and include an additional special DVD, including the
band's rare performance videos from over the years.
Limited to 20 (handwritten numbers 1-20)

In deference to them, MBR conducted in-depth interviews, covering the background of the times, the changes in the band, musical attitude, etc. This release hopes to display the complete picture of them.
Printed in Chinese, English and Japanese simultaneously.

DIEHARD version: please ASK!

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